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    Our strategy

    We are your partner
    Always knowing exactly where you are is the best to know where you want to go.
    At Magellan, we do not “manage files”, we accompany decision-makers in achieving their objectives. That makes all the difference. Our customers expect more from us than balance sheet or auditing: they need our advice.
    We are constantly exploring
    New offers, working methods and technology tools are regularly tested.
    In a constantly changing environment, we are here to guide you and offer you the most modern solutions adapted to your needs. If something new seems relevant to us, we undertake to present it to you and make you benefit from it under the best conditions.
    Our customers are our partners and we discover new horizons together every day.

    We have an ambition
    To make you feel you have a favourable wind.
    Constantly monitoring your activities, your company’s environment and the markets, we alert you when it is necessary for you to act or take a decision: whether to consolidate your position or to identify and seize opportunities.
    We are one team
    At Magellan, we don’t like borders. As a customer you will have a main contact but also sometimes specialists according to your requests. All our collaborators work together, side by side, in order to guarantee a global approach of your problems.
    Magellan offers its employees the advantages of a human-sized structure: a simple and direct relationship with the management team, the opportunity to develop fulfilling relationships with clients, respect for each other’s personalities.

    Our history

    Reliable landmarks are time resistant. See below how we performed over the last 10 years !