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  • Our offer
    We have developed a modern service offer resolutely oriented towards your needs. At Magellan, more than a customer, you are a privileged partner. Our advice is always personalised and adapted to your situation.
    Structure your bonds


    Our company, a true partner and advisor, will assist you in securing declarations, anticipating legal and regulatory changes and guiding decisions relating to the management of your company.

    Audit and internal control

    Our company offers all types of legal or contractual audit assignments:

    • Statutory audit, contributions, mergers
    • Optimisation and structuring of internal control, risk mapping, preparation of the audit plan


    Our company offers the monitoring of your current taxation, but also “general tax audit” missions to minimize tax risks and the financial consequences of tax audits.

    Run your business


    As your true partner in your success, our company is with you every step of the way. Request our expertise, gain in serenity and time.

    Management consultancy

    Our company accompanies you in the management of your company thanks to simple tools of piloting (dashboards). Rely on our expertise and knowledge of your industry.

    Company evaluation

    Our company accompanies you in the evaluation of your company. Acquisition, sale, restructuring, valuation of an intangible asset are all cases in which you can request a valuation.

    Harmonize your HR management

    Employee management

    Our company offers you all the services relating to the management of your employees: hiring (employment contract, DPEA), payroll, holidays management, time management and expense reports

    HR advice

    Our company advises you in all HR areas: compliance audit, professional training, annual appraisal interviews, implementation of employee savings plans, remuneration policy, internal regulations, etc.

    Labour law

    Our company follows for you the social news and informs you of the legal evolutions: labour law, hiring assistance, collective agreements, company agreements…

    Shaping your future

    Social protection and pensions

    Social protection and pensions:

    • Life insurance policy : death, invalidity, unemployment insurance, guarantees between partners.
    • Complementary health
    • Retirement: estimation of rights and retirement age, proposal, implementation and follow-up of optimisation solutions
    • Compensation optimization

    Wealth management

    Our company and our CIF partners provide you with wealth management solutions:

    • Investment: financial products, life insurance, plannings
    • Successions: information, implementation and follow-up of selected solutions
    • Real estate: rental or professional

    Business transfer

    Our company puts its skills at your service to help you find the buyer capable of succeeding you and accompanies you at each stage of the sale process for the success of your project.

    Invest in France

    Welcome you to France

    Our company offers you all the services necessary for your installation in France. Our bilingual experts know perfectly the particularities of foreign companies and will be able to advise you to adapt you in France.

    Your obligations in France

    Our company offers to fulfil for you all legal obligations during your installation as well as during the deployment of your activity in France.

    Our “full services” offer

    Our company offers you a complete service within the framework of a full service mission, ranging from administrative assistance to secondment of personnel, or any other field outside your core business.

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